Years don’t matter

One thing which did happen to me just recently: I felt old. And stressed. Statistically, my first third of my life is over and – a TED talk “told” me that everything which I did not seed before I reach thirty might very likely never happen. ARHGHH()/§$!

This was the reason why I almost quit my current “job” (building my first startup with two other guys). This job is funded, I can very well survive (which is all I need) and my co-founders are great people. The overall settings are (as often in my life, by coincidence) splendid: I am healthy, don’t have to feed a family yet so no pressure – etc. What’s wrong with me?

Maybe I just really like change alot, or maybe I am the only realist in the team (slightly pessimist?)? Maybe I just have no patience? (~one year working full-time on this project) Or …..

maybe,       years don’t matter?

So I just forgot about the numbers for a couple of hours, tried hard and succeeded to remembered how I “felt” and “thought” when I was still in elementary school and suddenly I was in such a positive mood, 100% confident that I still have my whole life in front of me: I just left school and university and am working on my self-professional life which was always my dream and passion since I made my first bucks in the internet when I was twelve, or so.

And it still is my passion! I just forgot to enjoy the challenge and to dream about it.

Maybe I should just stop thinking about things I can’t change?

Wait. … this is exactly what I tell the people I love when they are upset about something which is already a fact and, thus, history. It’s good to remember it so that you don’t end up there, again. Thus, I repeat (for myself 🙂

don’t worry about things you really can’t change.

If nothing good can come out of this, stop it. Put it in a box, close it, leave it closed. Look ahead, take a deep breath, smile and enjoy one of the small things which are good, you just forget to notice.

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