Negative mood

No matter how much I improve my daily routines and how good my attitude is, I eventually end up at those moody days where everything seems to be crappy and stupid. I wonder if there is a personal recipe for how to get back to this positive thinking state in which I have so much more energy and, thus, get much more things done, enjoying everything?

Let’s see … (This is an organically growing blog post 🙂

  • Get your head to “piece” (take a bath, walk, go jogging, or so with good quiet / beautiful music)
  • Cook yourself some great, healthy food while listening to great, powerful music
  • Simplify your current notes (routine sheet, todos, open paperwork, mails)
  • Tidy up ur kitchen, go to bed early and take 5 minutes to remember the things which were good today
  • zzzzz (-so far so good-)
  • Start the new day with 20 minutes of quiet sport and then take some time for a great breakfast before heading off into the new day

Let’s check it out if this is simply repeatable and effective over time..

  • doing some crazy-ass outdoor sport action seems to be even more effective, who would have thought this …
  • make your room nice and cosy, put in some good music
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  1. What helps me when I am in a slump:
    – take a shower
    – change clothes
    – clean and declutter the apartment
    – simplify to-do lists
    – watch an inspiring movie
    – cook
    – drink enough water / tea
    – enjoy a cup of coffee
    – be creative in any way
    – contact people that are important to me (a very short message is enough)
    – do some rest on the couch for twenty minutes and do nothing
    – go to bed early
    – and accept that there are those times

    Two inspiring links:

  2. niceandfocused
    April 2, 2017 - 10:49 pm

    Thanks for sharing! I’ll check it out next time this kinda mood hits me 🙂

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