Great sources for "short" entertainment and motivating "news"

We don’t want to garbage our brain with all the information which is available out there, as much of it is not doing anything for anyone when we consume it. However, if you are regularly eating on your own for example you might feel the urge to read or watch something in order to feel “connected”.

Here is a list of (in my current opinion “good”) sources for such “entertainment”:

  • – the blogger Tim Urban and his team spend lots of hours, trying to figure out general human topics which we might have forgotten to question.
  • TEDx – often non-famous scientists which provide a 15-20 minute insight in their field of study (maybe start with the top resources there are there is also lots of other stuff being posted recently)
  • kurzgesagt – something like a video-counterpart of waitbutwhy which I found recently. This is partly focused on the universe but also humanity 
  • – insights in new findings from the science world which is usually also a motivating source
  • two minute papers – a “source” for nerds only, providing motivating comments on papers, mostly about machine- & deep learning

The reason why I personally really appreciate those sources is: If I watch the regular news and mainstream media instead, I get so demotivated (because it’s 90% negative content) that it gets really hard to enjoy the regular weekdays and to perform good on whatever you are working on. If you read, however, about all these great thing people are working on it motivates to try to “give something back” by doing a good job on your projects 🙂

For me, this decides if I end up in a “negativity circle” or a “positivity circle” 😉 of course we should not look away when it comes to the bad things which happen out there, but I think it’s enough to keep updated on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on your energy level. I use a world news source which is updated only once a week (and, thus, filters much temporarily and bad-researched “daily news” articles.

If you have great, motivating sources to add, please let me know!

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  1. Thank you for sharing! I look forward to visiting these websites one day soon!

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