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When I started working full time for the first time in my life after graduating I noticed that keeping my flat clean suddenly challenged me because I wanted to use my free time after work for myself and my weekends for friends & family. When I was still a student I never had this problem as I spend quite a lot time (studying) at home and used my short breaks to get small things done. Also I didn’t have to spend so much time to go to work and home every day.
This is why I want to be as effective keeping my flat clean etc. in order to have more time for others & myself. I’ll keep this post updated whenever I optimize another routine 🙂

Keeping the flat clean – the lazy way

Cleaning can consume lots of time and can cause relationships and living communities to fail. In 80% of the last 7 year period I was living on my own which helps me to optimize cleaning and trying different things. One way is to “collect” dirt until it’s worth to clean everything up in a big cleaning session. As a child I preferred this but this got me into troubles with my parents sometimes 🙂
Now, being ol….wiser I use a more lazy method: I clean everything up at once or at least as soon as I notice it the first time (at least when it takes only 1-5 minutes). This way I can always have people visiting me without being stressed to clean up in advance because everything is quite clean all the time. Also, I am able to reduce the regular cleaning sessions to a minimum as it always feels clean in the flat. Only if I notice something which takes more than 5 minutes I schedule a cleaning session (usually with loud, awesome music) and clean this room or the whole flat tidily.

Laundry – two containers 30-40 & 60°C

30°C: gentle “wool” program if wool is involved, else 40°C for pullovers, trousers, everything which usually does not get very stinky and dirty 🙂 here I can mix the colors because of the low temperature
60°C: 3h program with 1400rpm: in order to get towels, kitchen towels, underwear, t-shirts and everything which you might “sweat into” clean and kill the bacteria I heat these things up. The 3h program is usually more energy efficient than the short programs. I mix the colors here too, as it’s more important for me to keep life simple instead of being able to have bright and dark shirts, etc 😉
If cloths should not survive this way of washing they’re not meant to be in my household 😛

to be continued …

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