Great sources for "short" entertainment and motivating "news"

We don’t want to garbage our brain with all the information which is available out there, as much of it is not doing anything for anyone when we consume it. However, if you are regularly eating on your own for example you might feel the urge to read or watch something in order to feel “connected”.

Here is a list of (in my current opinion “good”) sources for such “entertainment”:

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Years don’t matter

One thing which did happen to me just recently: I felt old. And stressed. Statistically, my first third of my life is over and – a TED talk “told” me that everything which I did not seed before I reach thirty might very likely never happen. ARHGHH()/§$!

This was the reason why I almost quit my current “job” (building my first startup with two other guys). This job is funded, I can very well survive (which is all I need) and my co-founders are great people. The overall settings are (as often in my life, by coincidence) splendid: I am healthy, don’t have to feed a family yet so no pressure – etc. What’s wrong with me?

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