Great tools which help thinking

Being in school, university or similar there are always some mid-term goals we’re trying to reach. When we finally finish and start our working life there is suddenly little time to think about life and goals. We might find ourself so distracted by daily life that it gets challenging to find and follow our goals. I’m collecting tools which help me to “manage thoughts”:

  • – relativ simple cloud notepad tool, allows structured lists, great for managing thoughts on different matters which follow you throughout your life
  • – one of many Kanban-style task managing tools, O.K. for to-dos
    *update*: one of my current challenges is to use Trello for everything. In order do keep it clean I am using it smarter than in the beginning. It already boosted my free-time productivity a lot. I might update this post with examples some time.
  • – incredible minimalistic and beautiful mind-mapping tool, great for “thinking”
    *update*: I stopped using this tool after a short time but might give it a 2nd go some time

Great sources for "short" entertainment and motivating "news"

We don’t want to garbage our brain with all the information which is available out there, as much of it is not doing anything for anyone when we consume it. However, if you are regularly eating on your own for example you might feel the urge to read or watch something in order to feel “connected”.

Here is a list of (in my current opinion “good”) sources for such “entertainment”:

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Negative mood

No matter how much I improve my daily routines and how good my attitude is, I eventually end up at those moody days where everything seems to be crappy and stupid. I wonder if there is a personal recipe for how to get back to this positive thinking state in which I have so much more energy and, thus, get much more things done, enjoying everything?

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Dimmed & minimalistic computer interfaces

In the evenings it’s good to prepare your body for the upcoming sleeping sessions by dimming the lights at least an hour before going to bed. Unfortunately there are often reasons to quickly check something on your phone or computer and, by that, you get blended by crazy white User Interfaces (UIs) – the screen brightness often automatically changes these days already. Only on Google Maps Navigation mode I noticed that also the UI theme changes when it gets dark but e.g. your browser or your operating system UI usually don’t change automatically.

For this reason I am switching those UIs to a dark theme which usually is okay during the day, saves battery and is much nicer to control during the night. As this is not a no-brainer for every tool I am collecting how to do this for tools I use in the following.

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