Track your mobile phone and notebook devices

Do you have sensible data on your devices? In my case, I have all sensible data stored encrypted in the cloud (I’ll post about this soon). However, my smartphone and laptop are signed into my Google Account which gives a thief much power over my personal data.

If my devices are stolen by a not-so-smart thief there is the chance that I can track or at least lock them down with the open-source software “prey”. Here are the installation notes for Ubuntu 16.04/17.10 as the installation is not straight forward.

The prey source code is open-source. Check it if you don’t trust anyone to track your moves.

How to install prey on Ubuntu 16.04

Using apt install prey  installs a really old version of prey. If you download the software from the project page and double-click the deb-package, the configuration GUI did not work for me.

This method did work, remember to insert the newest version before you run it:

# REPLACE_WITH_VERSION => replace twice, e.g. with 1.7.2

sudo dpkg -i prey_*_amd64.deb

Now sign into your prey account (which you can create on the project site):

sudo /usr/lib/prey/versions/*/bin/prey config account setup # terminal based setup

Check on their project side, if your device is connected. That’s it.

Simple instructions to use PGP on Ubuntu

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